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“Dobra Sprava” Co. Ltd was one of the first to start the production of high-quality goods from polystyrene foam on the territory of Ukraine. The effective use of time resource and efficient organization of the workflow allowed the company not only to acquire its own productive capacity but also to become a merited leader in this segment of the market, having secured its leading position.

At present, our company offers quite a wide assortment of goods ranging from decorative finish to insulation materials. Ceiling mouldings, rosettes, tiles, and various heat insulations are in demand. Each year, we try to expand our assortment by offering our clients new, topical and modern solutions.

What should be noted is company’s products quality control. By using hi-tech and up-to-date equipment we produce goods of the highest quality. Moreover, the use of advanced and unique European technologies guarantees reliability and durability. Due to the use of German raw materials we have achieved the highest possible exploitation characteristics of all goods produced.

All manufacturing facilities are located in Ukraine, which allows us to offer our clients some advantages:

  • regular delivery of all produced goods;
  • no dependency on the customs services;
  • quick delivery to any region;
  • wide network of dealers;
  • affordable and acceptable prices.

Only professionals and highly qualified experienced specialists are employed at our company. Perfect skills in operating modern technologies and methods of production enable our personnel to produce big amounts of goods in a short period of time without loss in quality. Each member of our personnel regularly attends advanced training courses, due to which they always remain professionals.

Our managers will answer all your questions, give you advice about the choice of an item you need, inform you on its technical characteristics and will provide you with any other necessary information.

We offer a flexible discount system and a beneficial loyalty program to the dealers.

We work in all regions of Ukraine!

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