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Advantages and disadvantages of ceiling mouldings (1.3 m and 2 m)

“Dobra Sprava” Co. is engaged in the production of quality and reliable ceiling mouldings. At present, the company offers several dimension types – 2 m and 1.3 m. In this article, we will talk not about the advantages of the given product, but about the differences between different dimension types and their advantages and disadvantages.

A 2 m is considered to be a very popular dimension type. It is the gold standard, which is in good demand and is considered to be the best selling. It is hard to say why this dimensional type has become standard but there are several surmises to this matter – it is universal and can be used in any types of premises. However, one should not dismiss 1.3-m mouldings. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these dimensional types.

Advantages and disadvantages of ceiling mouldings (1.3 m and 2 m)

At first, 1.3 m is significantly cheaper, which is quite logical. At second, its compact size and overall dimension allow to transport it in motor cars without damaging it. In small quantities it can be carried by hand. At third, again, due to comfortable size, it can be glued by one person. At fourth, due to its narrowness it perfectly fits the rooms with low ceilings.

To sum up, all the advantages of a 1.3 m are financial and time-saving. However, let’s calculate the benefits, after prior evaluation of area and choosing the right dimensional type:

  • A sure economy due to the size;
  • Saving the budget due to smaller number of workers or self-reliant mounting;
  • Easy transportation, which reduces the costs;
  • Simplicity of mounting process allows to do it independently.

Is this economy significant? It’s up you!

It should also be mentioned that the right choice of the size of mouldings can allow to add height and volume to the room, which is why it is important to choose the right dimensional type without orientation on imaginary universality.

Properly chosen ceiling mouldings will not only save time, money and efforts, but will also influence on the interior of the room.

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