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Ceiling Rosettes

Modern ceiling rosettes are used as décor for chandeliers as well as a unique designer solution for the decoration of walls. Classic rosettes have round shape and are widely popular as a prestigious element of décor. With its help any room may have a nice charm and have quite a respectable and unique interior.

Ceiling Rosettes

For many years, “Dobra Sprava” Co. has been manufacturing high-quality ceiling rosettes from polystyrene foam. Having big production capacities, environmentally friendly and high-quality German raw materials, modern European technologies and professional employees, the company produces competitive goods with perfect value for money. We have a good selection of ceiling rosettes for the décor of various premises.

Speaking about technical characteristics, the possibility of laying practically any paint on it, resistance to moisture, sun and ultraviolet rays, high level of longevity and shape preservation should be noted. “Dobra Sprava” Co. implements strict quality-control of all production, which guarantees all the aforementioned technical characteristics and the advantages mentioned below.

Ceiling rosettes produced by “Dobra Sprava” Co. have the following advantages:

  • High level of quality and longevity;
  • The use of advanced European technologies guarantees clear patterns and high density;
  • The possibility to lay any type of paint on it with no loss of contour;
  • Wide selection of shapes and designer solutions;
  • The best German raw materials and high-quality polystyrene foam;
  • Rosettes bring charm and elegance to the interior emphasizing the style of chandeliers or walls;
  • No mounting holes visible;
  • Affordability due to perfect value for money.

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