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Isotap heat insulation

Isotap heat insulation is a perfect and universal material for insulation of any kinds of surfaces in a room: floor, walls, and ceiling. However, it can be used in other areas, for instance, for a quality sound proofing, surface leveling etc.

Isotap heat insulation has quite appealing technical characteristics. It allows to cut down expenses on heating, is made of quite solid material, is resistant to moisture, doesn’t get mouldy and is durable and reliable.

Isotap heat insulation

“Dobra Sprava” Co. is engaged in the production of isotap heat insulation; however, it is marked as “Strichka” when manufactured. Wide assortment of goods is represented by various items different in thickness (3 to 6 millimeters). This allows to choose the best insulation needed at the time. Due to the availability of high-quality equipment, the use of advanced European production methods as well as environmentally friendly and quality German raw materials, the company can produce competitive goods with high technological characteristics and low prices.

Heat insulation “Strichka” produced by “Dobra Sprava” Co. has the following advantages:

  • Ideal quality and perfect density are obtained due to the use of European production technologies and up-to-date equipment;
  • Broad scope of its use – ranging from warehouses to residential premises;
  • It is a universal material that has sound proofing and heat insulation properties;
  • Conceals roughness of walls and plastering;
  • Can be used as a basis for putting up wallpapers;
  • Creates cozy climate of comfort in the room – cuts down expenses on hating in winter; in summer, prevents the room from excessive heating;
  • Has sound-proof properties;
  • Can be glued to any surface;
  • Can be used as an isolation layer in mounting shield and parquet floor systems;
  • Great value for money.

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