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Slab from polystyrene foam

Slab from polystyrene foam has wide range of application. It is used not only as external or internal façade insulation but also functions in aesthetic aspect, transfiguring interior and exterior. It is better used as external insulation as it helps to effectively preserve the indoor microclimate. However, there exist such building constructions, which do not allow to do it on the outside, but only on the inside. Even in this case, slab from polystyrene foam is extremely effective.

Slab from polystyrene foam

“Dobra Sprava” Co. produces slabs from polystyrene foam of the highest quality. Hi-tech equipment, quality raw materials and experienced staff allow the company to supply the market with the best goods. Slab’s technical characteristics are quite impressive. It is rather light, easy to process and mount, has high level of durability, insulation and sound-proof properties and is resistant to moisture.

Special attention should be paid to high connection density and available dowel and groove, which simplifies mounting process. This allows the company to offer its clients exclusively competitive product, exploitation characteristics of which will satisfy the most exacting clients.

“Dobra Sprava” Co. turns your attention to the advantages of its slabs from polystyrene foam:

  • High quality is obtained due to the use of hi-tech equipment in the production process;
  • Perfect density is guaranteed by the use of advanced European technologies;
  • Exclusively high-quality and environmentally friendly German raw materials are used in the production process;
  • Slabs may be used as internal and external insulation material depending on the building construction;
  • Due to corrugated surface of the slab it is easy to lay any kind of decorative plastering on it;
  • Simplicity of mounting process and high-density cohesion are obtained due to the available of a special dowel and groove;
  • High density prevents the slab from cracking during the mounting process;
  • Due to wide selection of sizes one may easily choose the needed one;
  • Rather high level of density;
  • Perfect value for money.

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